Meet Joe Barajas & Monique Barajas

When you turn to the Barajas Insurance Group, LLC for insurance coverage, you will find insurance professionals who work for you and treat you like family.

Our licensed independent agents will review your needs for individual, family or small business health insurance coverage. As independent agents, we are able to give you access to a range of national and regional insurance carriers to find the coverage options that best fit your needs with insurance products for:

  • Medicare Advantage Plans, Medicare Supplement Plans & Medicare Prescription Drug Plans
  • Affordable Care Act (ACA)
  • Group Health Insurance
  • Life & Final Expense Insurance

Our agents are always happy to answer your questions and ensure that you fully understand the plan coverage before you purchase insurance.

Joe Barajas

  Ten years ago when I started in the Medicare Insurance industry, I didn’t expect that I would find so much interest and joy in helping potential clients understand Medicare and the plans associated in the Medicare industry. The success I have experienced came naturally due to enjoying meeting so many new people and educating them. It became a passion that led to me not only wanting to educate my clients and see the smile on their faces when I help them, but to start teaching and helping other local insurance agents do the same and ensure they are compliantly helping their clients find the right plan that fits their needs.  


Joe started his insurance career in 2009. After getting his license in General Lines of Life, Accident, Health and HMO, he joined the Medicare insurance industry.

He has spent the last decade learning, enjoying and succeeding in the Medicare Insurance industry and decided it was time to expand to other lines of insurance.

In 2017, Joe and his wife Monique Barajas, who is also a Licensed Agent and has been in the industry as long as he has, established the Barajas Insurance Group, LLC.

The goal in creating the Barajas Insurance Group, LLC has been to bring together a group of agents, who have the knowledge and passion Joe has for the industry, while promoting responsible and ethical insurance practices.

Monique Barajas

  It brings me much joy to guide clients in finding the best plan that fits their needs and helping them obtain additional services and benefits they were not receiving before and most importantly saving them money.  


Monique began her insurance career 10 years ago after obtaining her insurance license and worked for an insurance carrier in Central Texas. For four years, she worked on the provider side, specifically in marketing and growing a geriatric medical provider group, followed by another four years in marketing for a diagnostic medical imaging company.

Working as a full-time insurance agent and starting the Barajas Insurance Group with husband, Joe Barajas has been a dream comes true for Monique. Their joint venture is just the beginning as they continue to grow the business and look forward to helping their group of agents and prospective agents to grow with them.

Barajas Insurance Group

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